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Styling Services


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Our services are provided in Bendigo, Ballarat and Melbourne and we can tailor our service to ensure there is minimal interruptions to your daily activities.

Basic Style Consult – This one and one service is a basic sit down and work with you to understand your style needs based on lifestyle, budget and comfort. We help you unlock what shapes, colours and styles work best for your needs.

You need to allow about 1.5 hours for this consult and it can be done face to face at a café or your office.


One on one personalised shopping – Quality, functionality and flexibility is always an important aspect of any women’s wardrobe.  From wardrobe-building to event-specific dressing, I understand the demands of your lifestyle and guide you to solutions you will love. I focus on the importance of dressing for your personality and your body shape to find your personal style.

This service is about turning those shopping trips you dread into a fun and stylish treasure hunt. After a personalised consultation with Your Style Guide, we will hit the stores together with purpose and a focus on your wardrobe requirements.  At the end of the personalised shopping venture, you will be provided with your own ‘style guide’ to arm you with the confidence to shop with more success and less stress.

What type of personal styling services are offered?

Personal Styling – This session involves a style consultation and personal shopping to unlock your style. This process usually takes around 3 hours.

Special Occasion Service – This service is about finding you the perfect overall look for that special occasion coming up in your life. This process usually takes around 2 hours.


Wardrobe Revamp – How many times do we look in our wardrobe and tell ourselves “I have nothing to wear?” The saying is true that we only wear 20% of our wardrobe around 80% of the time… but what about all those hidden treasures that you may have that just need to be brought back to life?  During a Wardrobe revamp, we work with you to review your current pieces to work out what fits, makes you feel great, suits your body shape and meet’s your current lifestyle needs. We will work at creating new outfit combinations giving life back to those items in your wardrobe you may have once overlooked. We will also identify ‘gaps’ in your wardrobe so we can focus on items that can complement your current pieces and also save time and money the next time you shop.

* Prices for each service are available upon request.